Dealing with the horrible contractor for years

For years I dealt with the same HVAC contractor and I just hated him.

  • When the guy would give me a timeframe he would come for HVAC service, he would ignore it.

If he said he would arrive before noon, I knew he might come at four. If he told me from 2-5 he would be at my house, I knew perhaps 8 am was more like it. Once he was at my house, he wasn’t any better. The guy was rude, mean and constantly annoyed. I always felt like he was trying to find something wrong with my system and upsell me. He also loved tracking his dirty boots in my house. He would walk around outside in the wet dirt and then come inside and walk in every room. I swear I felt like he was trying to get dirt in every single room in the house. It took me years to realize I was paying this guy for a service. There are other HVAC contractors and even other HVAC companies. I didn’t have to settle and take someone I hated. The next time I called my HVAC business I told them I hated the guy they always gave me. I warned them I would take my business elsewhere if there was no one better. The new guy I have is so wonderful. He is an older gentleman that is punctual, sweet and wears foot coverings. He does the job in record time and apparently I never have any repairs needed. I am so glad I spoke up and I have someone better.

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