I want heated flooring now

After visiting my friend Taylor, I am desperate to have heated flooring. My friend from college invited me over to his home for a week. I made the long drive up north to visit him and just catch up. The highlight of the trip was his heating system. I was toasty warm without seeing any sort of furnace or fireplace. I finally asked my buddy what heating system he owned and he pointed to the floor. Turns out he uses his boiler system in the basement to heat his flooring. Piping is connected to the boiler and then stretched throughout his floors. Hot water runs from the boiler and through the pipes to create a heating effect. Since it is water, there is no heated air rising to the ceiling or dirty air polluting the air quality. The pipes are stretched evenly throughout the home too. So that means there are no cold spots anywhere. The radiant heat also warms all stationary objects. The chairs, couch and loveseat all felt like heated seats. Due to all these factors, Taylor is able to set his thermostat a little lower since it feels much hotter in his home. He is actually saving money with this heating system! After a week in luxury it was a letdown coming home to my old gas furnace. The air felt stuffy and dirty. I also noticed that the house just didn’t feel as warm as my friend’s did. I am going to have to upgrade soon. I need a new boiler system first, and then I have to get the necessary equipment to have hydronic heating.

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