Wouldn’t last in the wild

A long time ago it used to be survival of the fittest. In the caveman days you needed to be durable. If it was like that now because I would die on day one. What would be my downfall? Sadly I think my kryptonite would be air quality. First, the amount of moisture in my air conditions needs to be perfect. In the winter I have to use a humidifier with my heating system. If I don’t do this, I get bloody noses, chapped lips and dry skin. The humidifier makes the heating system work better but it also keeps me from totally being miserable. The summer has me relying on a dehumidifier with my AC system. Taking away moisture is necessary. Too much moisture means bugs come into the house and wood furniture swells. For me personally, I usually develop severe acne or a rash. After I take care of my moisture, I need to make sure my air quality is clean. I get sick a lot and I need to make sure I am not getting sick due to my air. First, I use an air purifier with my HVAC system. All year long my air purifier is removing smells and dust from the air. For a little extra protection I do use UV lights as well. Germicidal UV lights cleans the air before I even breathe it in. These lights are used in hospital operating rooms. If you threw me out in the wild with nothing, I would definitely have some weird skin issue and also be sick within a day.


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