Tilted outdoor air compressor

It was an easy fix and cost me no money

For a long time the air conditioning just wasn’t working for me. I couldn’t figure out why it felt tepid coming out of my air ducts. I made sure the thermostat had batteries and understood I wanted cooling, not heating. I changed my air filter and vacuumed the inside of my equipment. Nothing helped my air feel colder. For a while I thought I was going to need to call a HVAC business. I figured I must have something major going wrong in my cooling system. I was picturing spending hundreds of dollars on an AC repair. Thankfully I had the idea to go outside and check my outdoor air compressor. This was my last ditch effort before I just shelled out all the necessary funds in order to have AC again. Right away I noticed that my outdoor unit seemed to be at an angle. It wasn’t too curvy or anything, just at a slight tilt. I researched if a tilted AC unit is a problem at all. What do you know, it is not good having AC at an angle. The reasoning is that all the coolant then flows to one side. The coolant is what makes the air feel cold, so when it is all gathered in one side, you don’t feel any AC. It was an easy fix and cost me no money. I found some cement blocks and I put my compressor on top of them. After checking to see if my unit was level, then I turned back on the AC. The cold air came rushing out of my air vents like nothing.


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