Cleaning fanatic and the whole house air purifier

I consider myself to be a bit obsessive and fanatical when it comes to cleanliness.

  • That may be a more gentle self description because my wife and kids call me a clean freak.

It’s not like I’m doing it to make their lives miserable. Nope, it’s just the way I am. It has something to do with my upbringing. My mother had some real problems that were really tough on her. She had a very real condition where she was terrified of germs. It was so sad. Fortunately, in her forties, they found a group of medications that helped her tremendously. But, before that, she nearly stayed inside the HVAC security of our home. Staying inside the HVAC controlled house was one of the ways she could manage her deep phobia of germs. The other was to clean the house like crazy. I was taught early to do my part and that was a whole lot of cleaning. However, I viewed it as being helpful so, I didn’t hate it. That carried straight over to my adult life. My wife and kids think I am just nuts about cleaning. Yet, they do their best to keep their stuff picked up and organized. I recently took the cleaning thing to a new level with a whole house air purifier. I got one because the smell in my house was not reflective of the cleanliness of my house. I just couldn’t have that. The whole house air purifier was installed only about half a day before I could distinctly smell the difference. By the time I came home the next day, my home smelled like a summer breeze.


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