I’m satisfied without state of the art HVAC technology

Sometimes I confuse myself.

I would certainly love better things but am generally satisfied with what little I’ve got.

For example, I don’t have central heat and air conditioning. I have window air conditioners and space heaters, and I’m pretty sure I’m satisfied with that. But, then I think about how I wouldn’t mind central heat and air conditioning, heck, I would love it, I think. Not to mention a whole house air purification system. I would certainly have an appreciation for it, even though it is not a priority right now. But, then I start thinking that some people are just plain sissies, insisting on state of the art HVAC technology in their homes and workplaces. People long ago didn’t have air conditioning. They didn’t even have electricity if you go far back enough. And, now people act like they are going to die without the best HVAC system available.. I admit, air conditioning has become a genuine necessity to many people now. Our bodies are not conditioned to handle long periods of heat, unless you are a farmer or construction worker or something like that, where you are conditioned to work in the heat all day. But, most people these days would get ill if sent out to work in the hot sun. We conditioned our own bodies by exposing them to constant climate control. But the demand for climate control is more than just our bodies being used to air conditioning. Our own comfort is more important to us than ever. So, as much as I would love to have central heat and air conditioning, I actually appreciate having air conditioning at all.

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