I really miss the noise of my old air conditioner.

I really miss my old air conditioner.

We don’t have a lot of money in our family and we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to buy a handyman special house a few years ago.

The HVAC unit was completely shot and being on a limited income, we couldn’t afford another one at the time. And the ductwork was in really bad shape, too. So we bought a few window air conditioners, two used and one new. The new window air conditioner was pretty loud and maybe we should have taken it back where we bought it and exchanged it, but we had it in the living room and kitchen area and the noise wasn’t really bothersome. We got used to it quickly. The air conditioner cooled down the living room and kitchen area, but not as well as it could have sometimes. Then the used window air conditioner in our bedroom died, so we got a bigger window air conditioner for the living and kitchen areas and put the loud one in our bedroom. I didn’t realize how much I came to depend on the noise of that loud air conditioner to help me sleep. Money is a little better now and we finally had a new central heat and air conditioning unit installed, and I really miss the noise of the window air conditioner when I try to sleep at night. I wake up in the middle of the night as if something is missing. I’m sure that I will eventually get used to the lack of noise but I sure miss my old air conditioner right now.


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