If you need help with a cozy dollhouse, I am here to help

If you’re residing in a small property- as well as you’ve read any of my articles about the best looks for small homes- you’ve absolutely seen that I almost constantly suggest the cozy dollhouse style.

What is the cozy dollhouse style? What type of custom furniture should I use to decorate the cozy dollhouse style? What kind of color scheme is usually linked with a cozy dollhouse look? I’m here to help you with this.

I’ve been an interior designer for the whole length of my career, as well as I have seen the finest as well as worst of just about any type of home decor style there happens to be. Cozy dollhouse is very simple to do, however it’s also truly simple to mess up as well. Ready? Let’s get going. First as well as foremost, with a cozy dollhouse style dwelling, you’ll want a lighter color scheme. The cozy dollhouse look is really a style that works best in smaller dwellings as well as lighter colors make rooms seem a great deal more spacious. Try to remain with light neutrals, cool reds as well as cool yellows. I would honestly avoid hot colors in most cases- unless you can find a light maroon that makes the room entirely pop. If you do not wish to take a risk with your cozy dollhouse style dwelling, stick with the light neutrals as well as use your custom furniture to do all of the talking. Light wooden tables as well as chairs constantly look lovely in a cozy dollhouse. Try to stay with natural wood furniture whenever you can but be sure to brighten up the pieces along the wall with cherry wood furniture or oak furniture. White trim whenever possible as well as along doorways is another fabulous way to make the cozy dollhouse seem more spacious as well as welcoming to every single one of your guests. If you’d enjoy learning how to make your cozy dollhouse entirely pop, give me a call as well as we’ll schedule an appointment for you.



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