Hanging out outside of trade school

Some people might call me crazy, and some might say that it’s more of an act of desperation, however personally, I suppose that they are off base on both charges. I suppose that what I’m doing is extremely intelligent, forward-thinking, and positive for leading my best life. It might take a little time and patience, but I know that my plan is going to work out great, and you see, for the past 3 weeks or so, I have been spending a lot of time around the local trade school. I’m not hurting anybody or harassing anyone, I just stand around in the parking lot throughout the day. I bring snacks and frosty drinks, and I camp out in my car for as long as I can, and from time to time, I relocate to a bench or stand nearer to the building. One of these mornings I suppose my loitering will work out… I will meet a future Heating and Air Conditioning worker as he walks through those doors. You see, for as long as I can remember, I have been obsessed with indoor air quality. I love to be comfortable in my home, and I do not care about to sacrifice my gas furnace or air conditioning component for anybody. When my last relationship fell apart because of our Heating and Cooling expenses, I realized that I needed a odd kind of guy in my life. I needed an air quality professional. It turns out, there are not too numerous dating websites aimed at professional Heating and Air Conditioning workers. Instead, I would need to meet one of these amazing Heating and Air Conditioning technologists on my own accord. Where could I find a hoard of Heating and Air Conditioning geeks? I tracked down the nearest trade school that offered innovative heating, cooling, and ventilation certifications, and started packing biweekly picnics. One day I will meet my husband outside his Heating and Air Conditioning classroom.

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