I have two air conditioners, but neither of them work very well

I have two air conditioners, but neither of them work very well.

  • Both of the air conditioners were given to me.

It was really nice of people to give me air conditioners when I moved into my apartment. I told a few people that my new apartment didn’t have air conditioning, and I guess the word just got around that I didn’t have air conditioning. I really did need air conditioning, and I got two air conditioners. The only problem is that neither of them work well. I really hoped that one of them would start working right, but they just didn’t. I have been trying to use the two air conditioners even though they don’t work that well, but it is almost not worth the money. They hardly do anything even with the both of them running, and I live in a studio apartment. It’s not like my apartment is very big. It is like the smallest apartment that I have ever seen yet those two air conditioners can’t even keep my apartment cool. I was going to buy a brand new air conditioner, but the money that I was saving for the air conditioner had to be spent on an emergency. My car broke down, and I had to spend the air conditioning money on it. I was not able to get the air conditioner, so I am stuck with these two air containers that don’t work well. I am starting a second savings to hopefully be able to buy a new air conditioner. I am hoping that I won’t have any car troubles this time. I could really use some good air conditioning right now.



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