I love my new air purifier

I love my new air purifier.

It is super nice.

I really wanted it for a long time, but it took me awhile to convince myself that I should buy it. I am a cheapskate. I didn’t want to spend money on the air purifier, but I finally convinced myself to buy it. I am so glad that I got the air purifier because it works so well. I have never had such relief from being sick. I used to be sick almost all year round. Now that I have an air purifier, I have not gotten sick once. I know that I will probably get sick sometime, but I also know that I am not sick nearly as often as I used to be. I feel so much better about my health now. I cannot imagine how sickly I would be if I hadn’t gotten the air purifier. It happened almost instantly after starting to use my air purifier. It was like magic. My air purifier has definitely changed my life. I don’t want to ever go back. I will use an air purifier for the rest of my life for sure. It is really nice to have an air purifier in my bedroom, but I would also like to get one for my living room. If one air purifier can do so much to help me, I am hoping that a second air purifier could help me even more. I am not sure if I will be able to get another air purifier anytime soon, but I am hoping to get one within the next few months. Air purifiers are a bit more expensive than I ever thought they were.

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