My dad fixed both of my air purifier

My dad fixed both of my air purifiers.

I had two air purifiers that were not working, and my dad came over yesterday and fixed both air purifiers.

I could not believe that he was able to fix both of them. Both air purifiers were not working, but it was for different reasons. My dad was able to figure out what was wrong with both air purifiers and fix them. I am so proud of my dad. I honestly was not sure that he would be able to fix my air purifiers. He is good at fixing just about anything, but I thought that my air purifiers were probably beyond repair. They were not very nice air purifiers to begin with. I have a tendency to buy like the cheapest things out there. I never save up and buy the nice brand of anything. My husband is the exact opposite of me. He prefers to save up and buy the nicest version of whatever he is buying. I wish I was that way sometimes, but I am simply a cheapskate. I should have invested a little more money into my air purifiers, but it is too late now. They definitely do something because I have noticed quite a difference in my health since I started using the two air purifiers. I am still in awe that my dad was able to fix both of them. It makes me hopeful that even if I have cheap air purifiers, they may last me longer than I initially thought because my dad can fix them.

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