We have been getting quotes from other HVAC companies

Right now, I definitely have an air conditioner that needs to be replaced, but we have not set up a time with the HVAC technician.

The central air conditioner has not been working for a few weeks, but we are not even sure that we are going to continue hiring the same HVAC company for work anymore. We have been using the same HVAC company for a while, but we are no longer convinced that this HVAC company is the right HVAC company for our family. Fifteen years ago, they were considered the best HVAC company in the area for churches, but now, I am pretty sure that our HVAC company is ripping us off. Again, this is going to be a long story, so make sure that you are paying attention. Every year, we pay the HVAC technicians to do a full inspection of our HVAC units. This allows us to know what needs to be replaced within each HVAC unit. However, we have noticed that the HVAC company is charging a lot of money for repairs that they do constantly. There are some repairs that only need to be done once every five years, and they are charging us for the same repair every year. Now, they think that our central air conditioner needs to be replaced, but the price that they are charging us is very high. To make matters worse, they told us last year that we should invest a lot of money in our central air conditioner to get a few more years out of it. Now, we are getting quotes from other HVAC companies. Our HVAC company may be innocent, but I want another opinion from a different HVAC company to make sure before I hire them again.

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