One company can solve all of our problems

I spent 15 years of my life playing semi professional hockey.

I was pretty good during the best years of my career and I was the highest scoring person on my team 5 years in a row.

After I stopped playing hockey, I went to work in an office. Now I am the vice president of one of the largest hockey teams in the Northwest region. Recently, I made some big changes that ruffled a few feathers. We had three different companies working on the chiller system in the hockey rink. We had one person responsible for maintaining and freezing the ice and a completely separate company to service the chiller. The worst part about having two separate companies is having two different invoices and two different people with problems. I quickly decided to find one company that would provide all of our chiller and boiler maintenance. I searched for weeks and then contacted a few companies. I met with several people that own or manage chiller and boiler maintenance companies. I found a company that could provide us all the services that needed in one phone call. I took the idea to the board and a few people didn’t want to commit. Changing to a new company canceling contracts and possible buyouts. Still, I continued to pitch the idea until the board finally approved one company that can solve all of our chiller and boiler maintenance issues. It was the right move. The new company provides much better customer service and they are up to date on the latest technology and features.

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