I’m not sure whether I should use oak or cherry custom furniture

Ok internet, I’m redecorating my home and I need your help on a very important aesthetic question.

Should I use oak custom furniture or cherry custom furniture? I really like wooden chairs and custom sofas, so I want to be sure I keep that wooden furniture aesthetic throughout the home.

I have painted the walls all very neutral colors so I believe either cherry furniture or oak furniture would look great, I’m just having a hard time deciding what type of wood furniture I would like to use. My initial thought was cherry furniture because I have used oak furniture in the past. The thing is, I loved the oak furniture. I believe oak furniture gives a house the sense of “home”. I remember oak wood furniture fondly because it’s the kind of wooden tables and wooden chairs that my grandma used to have when I was a kid. I feel that cherry wood is much more popular today, though. Cherry furniture- especially glossy cherry furniture- gives a house the sense of completion. My best friend described cherry furniture as the type of furniture that says, “an adult lives here”. I don’t know how true that is- and I certainly know that I’m a big kid at heart- but I want to make sure I’m making my home look its best. I appreciate any perspective anyone might have on the oak wood vs cherry wood topic and I would be glad to provide pictures or any additional information to make the decision easier. Thanks in advance for all of your help with this!


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