Rotating gyms based on how selfish I am

The personal trainers are all great at what they do

There are many fitness centers that I go to and I rotate between them based on my mood. The one gym is a five minute drive and is right in town. It sits right by our food market, bank, plus pizza place. I can run errands after a workout plus be at my house in under two hours. The gym itself isn’t all that great however. The locker rooms constantly have dirty, moldy floors without working plumbing. The toilets leak, the showers have bad water pressure and the sinks are rusted. I do not like walking through it and putting my clothes in a locker. The gym unit isn’t much better. Very few things work plus if they do, they are grimey. It is also a small gym, so doing yoga, stretching or anything off a machine isn’t a good idea. The other gym I go to is a 30 minute drive. Just driving there and working out takes me two hours. There is nothing near the gym at all. I can’t get groceries, dinner or do any errands after a workout. I am simply driving 30 minutes there and back for just me. The gym is so much better however. It is actually a core progression gym so that means they offer personal training and group fitness classes. I usually try to do a body wellness course, physical training or a yoga session while I am there. The personal trainers are all great at what they do. I am happy, excited plus having a blast. I get a great work out but that is it.

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