She fixed how I ran

For a long time I just said I was not a natural runner.

I am in entirely great shape.

I am all around strong, have great stamina and impressive flexibility. Even with this, when I went for jogs I only averaged a ten minute mile pace. I constantly felt I should have been able to run quicker than that. Thankfully one day I decided to seek professional assistance. I went to a health plus fitness center to consult with a certified fitness expert. I asked the woman to do a personal training session with me a couple of times a week to get me running better. Right away the woman noticed what was wrong. 1st, my posture for running wasn’t correct. My head was too far back, my arms were bent too high plus I slumped over like a hunchback. After fixing my posture she looked at my breathing technique. I no longer suffered from side cramps or early fatigue after fixing how I breathe. The next step was my strides. I have great flexibility plus wasn’t using it. A good runner extends from the hip all the way to the base of their feet. I was only running from the knee down. My personal trainer had a hard time breaking this habit. I had to do lots of drills plus run right next to our trainer while she told me to reach with my toes. After that was better, my trainer stressed hydration, good footwear and superior running gear when I went out in the wild to run.


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