I couldn’t last any longer without an A/C machine

My residence is so cool now that I have air conditioning.

There was a time when I used to be so miserable in our residence.

It was basically ninety degrees in our residence most afternoons, and even with numerous fans operating, it was too warm for my preference. The funny thing is, my husband enjoyed it being so warm. He is a real southerner. He grew up down south separate from air conditioning machines. He was taught that the air conditioning machine was for sissies. I don’t even get how he and his family lasted separate from air conditioning. I lived much further north, and I had air conditioning for the whole course of my childhood. I don’t really think we ever lived anywhere separate from air conditioning machines, and all of us moved a lot too. It was a priority of my parents for each residence that all of us moved into to have air conditioning. When my husband and I were finally married, I told him that it would be alright going separate from air conditioning in our residence. We honestly lived separate from air conditioning for years, but even after that long, I could not get used to not having an air conditioning machine. It was simply too sizzling for me to be comfortable in our own residence… My husband did not agree, despite the fact that he knew that it was especially tough for me to live separate from an air conditioning machine. He actually offered to work some extra hours each month to save up the money to get a central air conditioning machine installed in our house. It was so unquestionably sweet of him. After a few months of saving, we finally got a central air conditioning machine installed in our residence, and I absolutely care about it.
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