I had to leave the apartment because of the lack of A/C

The reason I left the apartment was because it didn’t have an air conditioner device. I used to live with some friends in an easily nice apartment… The people I was with and I all split the rent, so it was cheap for us to live together, & we all got along rather well. I had to transfer out after a few weeks of living there during the Summer weeks though. The place did not have an air conditioner, & it was on the second floor. It was so boiling in that apartment, that I simply could not handle it. The others who were living there were much smaller than I am, & they didn’t mind the heat in the least. I wanted to transfer out the first month of Summer, although I made the choice to wait it out a few weeks to see if I could make it work because I really enjoyed my roommates. It did not actually work out. I simply could not last the entire hot season without an air conditioner. I tried using a window air conditioner device in my bedroom, & it worked great, however it only cooled my bedroom so the rest of the apartment was still easily hot. I tried to get the ladies to pitch in to buy some more window air conditioner devices, however they didn’t want to spend the currency on the air conditioners or the electricity to run them. They thought that the apartment was cool enough with just a few fans. I told them that I was going to have to transfer out, & they all cried. They understood that I couldn’t live in the heat any longer. I have my own household now, & it has a central air conditioner device.

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