No A/C forced me to leave the apartment I was living in

The reason I left the apartment was mainly because it didn’t have cooling equipment.

I used to live with some friends in a legitimately nice apartment.

The group of us all would split rent, so it was entirely cheap for us to live together. The people I was with and I all got along legitimately well on top of that. I had to transfer out after a few weeks of living there while in the Summer months though. The apartment did not have any cooling equipment, plus it was on the third floor. It was so sizzling in that apartment, that I simply could not take it. The many other people that I was living with were much smaller than I am, plus they didn’t mind the heat in the slightest. I wanted to transfer out the first month of Summer weather, but I made the decision to wait it out a little while longer to see if I could make it work because I honestly enjoyed my roommates a great deal. It did not work out. I simply could not last the entire Summer without cooling equipment to keep me comfortable. I tried using a window cooling unit in the kitchen space, plus it worked great, but it only cooled our kitchen space. The rest of the apartment was still way too hot. I tried to get the rest of them to pitch in to buy some more window cooling system units, but they didn’t have the desire to spend the money on the cooling equipment or the electricity that would be needed to run it. They thought that the apartment was cool enough with just a couple of fans working. I told them that I was going to have to move out, plus they all cried, but they understood that I couldn’t live in the heat for much longer. I got my own apartment now, plus it has some nice central cooling equipment.

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