An unsuccessful trip to the doctor

It was truly weird when I had to go to the doctor’s office last week for a dire reason, then of course, people all over have been trying to stay out of hospitals and the doctors’ offices over the past few months! No 1 honestly wants to risk having to go out to a hospital or a doctor’s office because they are all way too afraid of catching a virus or something.

  • But last week, I had to go finally to the doctor’s office so that I could get some bloodwork done; That’s not really exactly something that you can do over the PC or on a video chat doctor call.

Anyway, I went to the office building and when I pulled my car in the parking lot, there were many substantial HVAC trucks parked straight in front of the main entrance to the lobby. Yet, I didn’t guess that seemed like a truly great sign, since it was a super sizzling day outside. The temperature was truly in the nineties and climbing even higher when I got there. I should have known that there was going to be a major issue with the HVAC method when I went inside, but somehow I was still a little bit surprised at how sizzling it was when I walked myself into the lobby. The air was blowing down through the air vents in the ceiling, but I can tell you it wasn’t exactly what you would call a/c. It was lukewarm air! The receptionist in the doctor’s office told me sadly that the a/c had been on the blink for the past many days. The large commercial HVAC contractor had told them that their entire commercial a/c device actually had to be updated.