I want to make her smile

I am having a truly hard time going out and looking for a good birthday gift for our mom this year; She is truly a hard human to buy presents for.

She doesn’t like familiar presents that most people like such as jewelry, clothes, or flowers.

She’s so damn picky about stuff like that, and I always want to make sure that I actually get this woman something that she enjoys as a present. The other day when I was at the house, I noticed that she was having some concerns with his thermostat unit. The stupid a/c was running and it was cooling off the house, but it seemed like she was constantly going back and forth to the thermostat in the hallway every few moments. I asked what the complication was and she quickly said that he had been having some concerns with the thermostat keeping a semi-constant temperature in the house, and when she said that, I quickly got a brilliant method for a birthday gift for her. I had been learning on an HVAC blog about something on the market called smart thermostats. Smart thermostats can learn your family’s schedules and easily adjust accordingly so that you end up saving lots of money on your usual heating and cooling bills throughout the year. Anyway, after that, I went straight out on my own to our local HVAC contractor and had them help me choose just the right version of a smart thermostat device for our mom’s heating and cooling system. I’m very gleeful about giving it to her.

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