The family is too hot

The two of us have a truly awesome camper that both of us really love to take out most weekends during the summer time with our family and some close friends.

The camper will sleep fifteen people so it’s pretty spacious! My young kids always take a few of their friends and so the camper ends up filling up and both of us feel like we always have a great time together… Last camping season, I know that both of us used our air conditioner all the time and it worked truly great.

The large camper has a truly powerful factory installed a/c device and it does super well cooling us off on sizzling summer time evenings at the local campground. But this year, when the weather started heating up and both of us took the camper out to the campground for the first time, something started going on with the a/c. I tried and turned it on, but it would turn on and off and the camper would never begin cooling down inside like it should have, then my husband checked the fuses for the a/c but at the time they seemed to be fine. The a/c was on the blink the whole weekend, and it actually wasn’t truly comfortable being out there in the woods with the swarming bugs and the high rapidly changing temperatures with no a/c inside the stupid camper. We’ve been having concerns with it ever since and at this point, I can tell you, I don’t even want to go back out again until both of us get the a/c fixed.

Air conditioning repair service