We can’t get over this issue

Every single year, our husband and I end up fighting tooth and nail about the temperature settings on the thermostat device in our modern house.

  • It’s truly annoying, and it’s 1 of the only things that both of us ever actually fight about.

Most people fight about money and things like that, but not us. The two of us honestly only fight about how low the a/c settings are. He enjoys to keep the a/c set truly low each day because he is sizzling all the time. Even in the middle of winter, he ends up intensively perspiring occasionally and it drives me crazy. That’s because I am definitely way more frigid natured than he is. He can’t stand the way I’m always feeling so cold because I always want to turn the a/c up from where he has it set. He actually enjoys to have the thermostat set at around 66 degrees but that is way too frigid for me to deal with. I can’t stand it when the temperature is less than seventy degrees at any point in the house. I actually put on a heavy jacket and our fuzzy slippers many times in the middle of the summertime because it’s too dang frigid in our townhome for me to even stand it! I truly wish that both of us could finally come to an agreement on the thermostat settings and it would truly make a positive difference in our relationship. I’m sure that it would make a big difference in the ongoing price of our cooling bills in the summertime too.


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