Short term rental for sibling’s surgery

My sibling had to have surgery on her spine, in our little city there were no medical professionals able to handle that complicated procedure, my sibling ended up needing to go to a unusual state and to a large neighborhood in order to get the best possible care. I was upset about my sibling going alone and going through surgery, she would need someone to take care of her. She needed someone to drive her to appointments, get groceries and take care of home upkeep. I started looking around for rental apartments that would work for the more than one of us. I found this a single business that specializes in short term housing; They had home rentals and fully furnished homes to choose from, then luckily, the short term rental business has sites for those undergoing medical procedures. I found a fully furnished home that was right by the hospital. I had to drive maybe several minutes to take my sibling to her appointments. The grocery store, movies, and restaurants all were within walking distance as well. The fully furnished home was amazing too! Every one of us literally did not need to bring or worry about anything. Everything was brand new and so clean. I basically just needed to buy some food and hang out while my sibling was being taken care of. The fully furnished home right near the hospital made the whole process much easier. It already was a very stressful and worrisome trip, but having our living situation be terrible would have made it that much worse. Thankfully the short term rental business had our backs.


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