He’s finally listening

My Dad owns an HVAC contractor here in the neighborhood and he rules the locale each day with an iron fist, so to speak.

He never lets anyone influence the way that he runs the corporation at all.

He enjoys doing things his way, and he is super fond of telling people that it’s his way or the highway. I actually went to school for SEO and advertising and I kept telling our family that both of us should run some advertising specials to help him increase business at that HVAC corporation. He just thought it was a poor method and he insisted time and time again that he didn’t need any help changing the amount of appointments at the HVAC contractor. He said that word of mouth was the only sort of honest advertising that he had ever needed and he wasn’t planning on changing that fact now. I told him that he was being ridiculous, because most people can easily use some HVAC SEO once in a while! I bugged him about it for a long time, but honestly I couldn’t ever get him to change his mind. Then I suppose he noticed for the first time that 1 of his competitors in the HVAC corporation was running a huge a/c maintenance special for the summer time and that totally made the difference in his opinion. As soon as he saw the ad for that other heating and cooling contractor and their huge a/c special, he called me up and told me that he was really ready to do some advertising! I’m cheerful to help.

a/c serviceman

We thought it was a good plan…

My fiance and I put off getting our a/c method completely ready for the summer time and both of us are truly paying for it in spades now.

The two of us usually try and get things done on time, but for some reason, I guess that this year both of us just procrastinated for too long.

The two of us should have gone and had our central a/c method looked at by our HVAC contractor early on in the warm season, but life just got to be too tied up and both of us totally forgot to call for an appointment. Now, the weather has truly been heating up day after day and we’ve been trying to use our a/c every single day. However, the a/c is certainly not cooperating with us! The first day both of us even tried to turn it on, it quickly started to make a weird clunking noise and the air coming out of the air vents actually never even got cooler than lukewarm for the entire evening. That’s when both of us first realized that both of us had never gotten the a/c tuned up and both of us definitely were going to have a problem. Well, I called our local HVAC contractor ASAP the next day, but by that point they were all booked up for a/c tune up and regular maintenance appointments. The HVAC worker that I spoke with actually told me that there would be a wait of at least many and a half weeks before they finally could get to us and repair our air conditioner. I suppose that’s what both of us get.

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We can’t get over this issue

Every single year, our husband and I end up fighting tooth and nail about the temperature settings on the thermostat device in our modern house.

  • It’s truly annoying, and it’s 1 of the only things that both of us ever actually fight about.

Most people fight about money and things like that, but not us. The two of us honestly only fight about how low the a/c settings are. He enjoys to keep the a/c set truly low each day because he is sizzling all the time. Even in the middle of winter, he ends up intensively perspiring occasionally and it drives me crazy. That’s because I am definitely way more frigid natured than he is. He can’t stand the way I’m always feeling so cold because I always want to turn the a/c up from where he has it set. He actually enjoys to have the thermostat set at around 66 degrees but that is way too frigid for me to deal with. I can’t stand it when the temperature is less than seventy degrees at any point in the house. I actually put on a heavy jacket and our fuzzy slippers many times in the middle of the summertime because it’s too dang frigid in our townhome for me to even stand it! I truly wish that both of us could finally come to an agreement on the thermostat settings and it would truly make a positive difference in our relationship. I’m sure that it would make a big difference in the ongoing price of our cooling bills in the summertime too.


Cooling representative

The family is too hot

The two of us have a truly awesome camper that both of us really love to take out most weekends during the summer time with our family and some close friends.

The camper will sleep fifteen people so it’s pretty spacious! My young kids always take a few of their friends and so the camper ends up filling up and both of us feel like we always have a great time together… Last camping season, I know that both of us used our air conditioner all the time and it worked truly great.

The large camper has a truly powerful factory installed a/c device and it does super well cooling us off on sizzling summer time evenings at the local campground. But this year, when the weather started heating up and both of us took the camper out to the campground for the first time, something started going on with the a/c. I tried and turned it on, but it would turn on and off and the camper would never begin cooling down inside like it should have, then my husband checked the fuses for the a/c but at the time they seemed to be fine. The a/c was on the blink the whole weekend, and it actually wasn’t truly comfortable being out there in the woods with the swarming bugs and the high rapidly changing temperatures with no a/c inside the stupid camper. We’ve been having concerns with it ever since and at this point, I can tell you, I don’t even want to go back out again until both of us get the a/c fixed.

Air conditioning repair service

It’s not so hard, right?

Last week, I decided that I was going to try my hand and repair our a/c method myself but it did not go as planned… as usual.

I always have these grand schemes and big ideas about being a real DIY guy who can repair things myself.

But I’m actually not a truly handy person, it turns out. When it comes down to itm I have no method of what I’m doing when it comes to things like fixing our heating and cooling system, but I like to pretend that I do anyway. For instance, last week, our a/c stopped now working. The weather outside was truly dry and sunny and the temperature was up in the high eighties so I truly figured that I needed the a/c to task in our house! I poked around in our central a/c method for a while to see what I could figure out but I truly didn’t even know what I was looking at that day, to tell you the truth. So I went back upstairs and looked up some detailed videos on a couple of odd HVAC websites and tried to educate myself quickly on the whole process. Then I tried it again but it was still all a mystery to me. I sincerely messed around down in the basement heating system room for a couple more hours that day before realizing that there was absolutely nothing that I was personally going to be able to do about it. I gave up on trying and I called up our local HVAC contractor.


Quality HVAC equipment

I support him entirely

My husband David decided that he wants to go back to school this year to get his HVAC certification once and for all… He’s been now working at the same job for the past 10 years or so, but he said he’s getting truly bored with it; Even though he makes pretty great money working each day at the aircraft parts factory where he has been for years, I suppose he just gets tired of seeing the same outdated surroundings every hour of every single day.

I can’t say that I blame him there.

Having the same surroundings all the time and tasks every day would get old, for sure. I suppose that’s why he is currently thinking about becoming an HVAC worker instead. He says that he’s always been super interested in the heating and cooling industry, and now he just feels like it actually might be the right time for him to take the plunge and make a major life change in this regard. I know that he will be truly great at being a residential or commercial HVAC worker for any HVAC dealership because he’s truly mechanically inclined, plus he’s a real people man, for starters. I know that having great communication skills will actually wind up coming in handy for him once he starts now working at his new position. He’s pretty gleeful about starting up the classes in the fall, and he’s definitely already put his name on the waiting list for the HVAC certification course. Right now he’s still continuing to task at his factory job. However I can’t wait for him to get his HVAC certification and a new job.


central air conditioning

I want to make her smile

I am having a truly hard time going out and looking for a good birthday gift for our mom this year; She is truly a hard human to buy presents for.

She doesn’t like familiar presents that most people like such as jewelry, clothes, or flowers.

She’s so damn picky about stuff like that, and I always want to make sure that I actually get this woman something that she enjoys as a present. The other day when I was at the house, I noticed that she was having some concerns with his thermostat unit. The stupid a/c was running and it was cooling off the house, but it seemed like she was constantly going back and forth to the thermostat in the hallway every few moments. I asked what the complication was and she quickly said that he had been having some concerns with the thermostat keeping a semi-constant temperature in the house, and when she said that, I quickly got a brilliant method for a birthday gift for her. I had been learning on an HVAC blog about something on the market called smart thermostats. Smart thermostats can learn your family’s schedules and easily adjust accordingly so that you end up saving lots of money on your usual heating and cooling bills throughout the year. Anyway, after that, I went straight out on my own to our local HVAC contractor and had them help me choose just the right version of a smart thermostat device for our mom’s heating and cooling system. I’m very gleeful about giving it to her.

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An unsuccessful trip to the doctor

It was truly weird when I had to go to the doctor’s office last week for a dire reason, then of course, people all over have been trying to stay out of hospitals and the doctors’ offices over the past few months! No 1 honestly wants to risk having to go out to a hospital or a doctor’s office because they are all way too afraid of catching a virus or something.

  • But last week, I had to go finally to the doctor’s office so that I could get some bloodwork done; That’s not really exactly something that you can do over the PC or on a video chat doctor call.

Anyway, I went to the office building and when I pulled my car in the parking lot, there were many substantial HVAC trucks parked straight in front of the main entrance to the lobby. Yet, I didn’t guess that seemed like a truly great sign, since it was a super sizzling day outside. The temperature was truly in the nineties and climbing even higher when I got there. I should have known that there was going to be a major issue with the HVAC method when I went inside, but somehow I was still a little bit surprised at how sizzling it was when I walked myself into the lobby. The air was blowing down through the air vents in the ceiling, but I can tell you it wasn’t exactly what you would call a/c. It was lukewarm air! The receptionist in the doctor’s office told me sadly that the a/c had been on the blink for the past many days. The large commercial HVAC contractor had told them that their entire commercial a/c device actually had to be updated.


I couldn’t deal with the lacking A/C any longer

The reason I left the residence was because it didn’t have an air conditioning machine… I used to live with a couple of friends in a truly nice residence! The people I was with and I all entirely split the rent, so it was cheap for us to live together, plus we all got along entirely well.

I had to move out after a few weeks of residing there during the warm season weeks though.

The beach residence did not have air conditioning, plus it was boiling in that place. I honestly could not handle it. The numerous other guys that I was residing with were much smaller than I am, plus they didn’t mind the heat in the slightest. I wanted to move out the first week of the warm season weather, but I decided to wait to see if I could make it entirely work because I legitimately enjoyed my roommates very much. It did not end up working out. I simply could not last the whole length of the warm season without an air conditioning machine. I tried using a window air conditioning machine in our living room, plus it worked great, but it only cooled our living room. The rest of the residence was still far too hot. I tried to get the guys to pitch in to buy some more window air conditioning machines, but they didn’t want to spend the cash on the a/cs or the electricity to run them. They figured that the beach residence was cool enough with just a few fans. I told them that I was going to have to move out, plus they all were sad, but they understood that I couldn’t live in the heat any longer. I got my own beach residence now, plus it has a central air conditioning machine.

Cooling and heating business

No A/C forced me to leave the apartment I was living in

The reason I left the apartment was mainly because it didn’t have cooling equipment.

I used to live with some friends in a legitimately nice apartment.

The group of us all would split rent, so it was entirely cheap for us to live together. The people I was with and I all got along legitimately well on top of that. I had to transfer out after a few weeks of living there while in the Summer months though. The apartment did not have any cooling equipment, plus it was on the third floor. It was so sizzling in that apartment, that I simply could not take it. The many other people that I was living with were much smaller than I am, plus they didn’t mind the heat in the slightest. I wanted to transfer out the first month of Summer weather, but I made the decision to wait it out a little while longer to see if I could make it work because I honestly enjoyed my roommates a great deal. It did not work out. I simply could not last the entire Summer without cooling equipment to keep me comfortable. I tried using a window cooling unit in the kitchen space, plus it worked great, but it only cooled our kitchen space. The rest of the apartment was still way too hot. I tried to get the rest of them to pitch in to buy some more window cooling system units, but they didn’t have the desire to spend the money on the cooling equipment or the electricity that would be needed to run it. They thought that the apartment was cool enough with just a couple of fans working. I told them that I was going to have to move out, plus they all cried, but they understood that I couldn’t live in the heat for much longer. I got my own apartment now, plus it has some nice central cooling equipment.

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